Three Rules Virtual Book Blog Tour November 22nd – December 20th, 2013

Three Rules Virtual Book Blog Tour November 22nd – December 20th, 2013

Bonnie’s Book Blog is going to be participating in the “Three Rules Virtual blog tourWe are going to be doing a Review for this novel soon..So come back and check it out!! We are also going to do a Q&A with the Author with a giveaway as well. So please check back soon for those amazing opportunities for this blog. So, who thinks that this book will be awesome? Or if otherwise, comment below… Can’t wait to hear the responses! 
Three Rules Virtual Book Blog Tour

 Quoted from Three Rules:


“I have learned three rules in my life:

1.) The most dangerous people in the world are not always strangers.

2.) The scariest things imaginable are not those that can kill you, but those you can live through.

And probably the most prominent:

3.) The most horrible possibility is not what could happen to you, but what you could become – I became a killer.”

~Hope Wellman



Brief description of the novel:

Hope Wellman has a childhood full of horrific memories, a bone chilling recurring nightmare, and a persistent paranoid sense of being followed that she would rather keep repressed. Is evil reaching from beyond the grave to capture the tattered remnants of her soul once and for all, is it only a machination of her disturbed mind, or is there something happening more sinister than even she can imagine?

 Attending the funeral of her abuser is the first step in putting her life back together. She struggles with the fact she never told anyone what happened to her, and that the grave they are mourning over is empty. She’d find it a lot easier to move on and believe in the future if he were in the box, ready to be covered with dirt. She fears the last thread of her sanity has snapped when she sees him everywhere she turns, and can’t escape a recurring nightmare. Is her tormentor alive, or is she imagining it? Is her dream triggered by past fears or is it a prediction of the future?

Click here to read a sample of Three Rules

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 Marie Drake lives with her husband and four boys in a small town on Lake Ontario that is famous world wide for its Salmon Fishing. She finds peace and contentment in its rich history, lovely landscape, and beautiful scenery. Sunsets on the lake are inspiring. Her family enjoys camping and hiking together.

  She is passionate about her writing but she has a diverse spectrum of interests and talents. Her love of drawing and crochet led to her online crochet afghan pattern design business. She is always looking for the next perfect crochet project to whip up for friends, family, or charity.

  She is also serious about baking. Her cookies, fudge, and other treats made from her own personal recipes are widely famous where she lives.

  She is a voracious reader and has a book review blog. She accepts requests from authors and publishers to read and critique their work on her blog and other major websites, as an unpaid service. This is definitely a labor of love. She is proud of her contribution.

  Above all other interests, jobs, and hobbies, Marie’s number one priority has always been her family and her role in helping families and children in her community. She ran a home daycare for more than twelve years, until she and her husband decided to become foster parents. They fostered over fifteen children during a five year span. She tends to shy away from publicity, as she doesn’t feel she would ever be comfortable, nor does she expect to become famous. She seeks only to raise her family to the best of her ability, and hopefully, contribute something entertaining for those who read her books.


Contact the Author with these links:


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