(Four Fathers Series) by George Pritchard Harris


HuckleBerry Friend (Four Fathers #2) by George Pritchard Harris

* Free from November 2nd to November 3rd *

Amazon Summary:

“This is an epic story, a child-man fable, the next great American novel, the incarnation of Faulkner, Joyce, Borges, Mailer, Eco and Pynchon.”

August 30, 1965 came early that year but the next two years lasted longer than expected. Joe Cebellum, Fred Etheridge, Tommy Wanderby, and Sam Thorn shamble from sweet innocence recently lost into the full blown tramp of the new found Summer of Love. They miss nary a beat, a frug or a twist as the travels continue from Barrington, Illinois to the Rio Grande to Montreal Expo. The times they are achangin’ as the pitter patter of little feats go boom into that good night. Juices flow and wild rides follow. It’s not over ’til they say it’s over…

One early reviewer concludes, “Literature now has another voice, a fascinating and canny voice…Remember the words of the Roman poet Horace, who wrote “Exegi monumentum aere perennius”


For Whom The Book Tells..(Four Fathers #1) by George Pritchard Harris

Amazon Summary:

“A wild, juicy history of four families whose lives converge in bucolic Barrington in the sixties, with a sly eye to the future. Laced with poetry, music, philosophical musings and baseball, it ranges from the Midwest to Texas, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic and beyond. It exposes the underpinnings of a seemingly perfect, privileged community, while it celebrates the singular landscapes and characters that existed in a special place and time.” Becky Harlan Laughlin

Four lifelong buddies ramble on. Barrington, Illinois accedes to the Eastern Seaboard, then back to Chicago. Finally, the compass points north by northwest.

You could say Four Fathers, in each of its volumes, is about “sex, and drugs, and rock and roll.” Or you could say it is about the older virtues, “wine, women, and song.” Anyway you want it- you will end up humming the same happy tune.

Four Fathers is everyone’s tale even as it is unique to its characters. The bygone past is traveled without benefit of GPS. “Four Gigs” has an entirely different meaning in what is now virtual antiquity. The four fellow travelers stumble upon the raw and the cooked. The pages of the book of life form their dreams as their dreams form them. Missteps mark the way; but, after all, that is what the ride is all about.

Joe Cebellum, Fred Etheridge, Tommy Wanderby, and Sam Thorn, step into the tumult to find the sybaritic and the kinesthetic. Confusion finds comfort from the storm disproving the notion you can’t find your way home.

Volume One- “For Whom the Book Tells” – traces the early influences of nature and nurture. Exploration and wonder are the watchwords. This Volume leaves the four lifelong friends upon a precipice of the turmoil of the times.

Soon to be released- Volume Two- “Huckleberry Friends”

The Lost Generation is reborn amidst a swirl in the ‘60s. The four friends find more than a little help. The adventure is replete while not yet culminated. Adventure looms deep and weaves a magic spell.

“It’s only words and pages-with shadowy reminiscence, and I like it.” James Kampert


Lad On A Softened Scoop (Four Fathers #3) by George Pritchard Harris

Amazon Summary:

“…A Four-Way Hit. From smoke and mirrors, from heat and light, words cascade deliciously in all directions…”

“Lad” is a literary achievement. It is accessible with a depth to fathom with fond relish…”

“A one of a kind Masterpiece smacks you in the face from four dimensions. This is a book for all time, for all ages, not just the old and the “old-at-heart.”

“…with an ear, touch, and sense of dialogue that races from profound to snappy…”

“Have you ever found yourself at the crossroads and you wish to go every which way. Now you can.”

“Lad on a Softened Stoop Stands Large. The Bildungsroman has come of age…This is a Roman a Clef that sings in the right key…Four Fathers is filled with memoirs of the imagination….All things mussed up….The characters have found their stride. This is it. This is a book. This is the trip. This is the best part of the trip.”



The “Four Fathers” octology project was conceived in a hammock in Costa Rica in 2011. The Princeton Alumnus and retired trial lawyer has finished the first 3 books in the series. Author Harris remains quizzical, studied, and metaphysical while trying to adhere to his meek conception of fiction in the literary tradition. Four lifelong friends prance and stumble amidst a backdrop where Mance Lipscomb, Marcel Proust, Bull Durham, Bob Dylan, Heraclitus, and Jean Harlow all swirl in some fanciful mélange.

George has three amazingly beautiful daughters and the most beautiful granddaughter in the history of the world.

Authors Website: http://georgepritchardharris.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/georgepritchardharrisauthor

Twitter Page: @FourFathersBook

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16082369-for-whom-the-book-tells

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_16?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=george+pritchard+harris&sprefix=george+pritchard%2Cdigital-text%2C325


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