“Drift” by Michael Dean Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Title: Drift

Author: Michael Dean

Expected release date:  November 2013


“Hell hath no fury like one of its own”

When young Demon, Leo Cutler, commits treason against Hell for saving a life that he was supposed to help end, punishment for his betrayal is on the menu…

Sure to be served cold by his overlord, Christian. It’s not for fear of this retaliation that makes Leo renounce Hell, it is because he has fallen in love with the near-victim, a human, Shade Lewis.

Winning his freedom with not be easy, especially when the first test involves going through Shade’s murderous ex-boyfriend, Darryl Kite, who has now, somehow, become a demon as well.

With Shade’s love compelling Leo forward,will he discover he has the courage to give up and eternal life and face the many obstacles Christian will surely have waiting for him?

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Michael Dean was born in Mountain View California in 1976, raised in Tucson Arizona, and now resides just outside of Dallas Texas.

Michael’s adventurous style has led him to start and run a successful small business for the past ten years, as well as writing YA novels and playing music. His passion for music and the pen collided when he was younger, causing him to pick up a guitar and write his own music. That drive led him to starting his own band, getting it played on regional radio stations, even competing in Ozzy Osbourne’s battle for Ozzfest in New York City.

Still just as driven, now he prefers quieter days to himself, thus giving him time to improve on his main passion, writing. Drift, a YA paranormal fantasy, is a bi-product of that alone time. He hopes that when a reader picks up his works, he or she will love it just as much as he did writing it.

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