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Title: Stroke Of Fear

Author: Alla Kar

Genre: New Adult Romance

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From the Amazon Best-Selling Author of The Forever Series comes Stroke Of Fear. A novel about letting go of your fears and letting yourself love again.

Sometimes the things you love are the things you fear the most …

Aubrey Depp has already faced death and escaped it once. Now it is back to get her. Once a swimming champion at her high school, Aubrey’s life was taken away when a former swimmer and boyfriend tosses her over a bridge, leaving her for dead.

Now a senior in college, she takes a summer job as a camp counselor with her best friend Cassie and her it’s complicated boyfriend Jake. Then she meets southern heartthrob Tanner Young and her entire summer is flipped upside down. He’s damaged, has a sexy southern drawl and has his eyes set on Aubrey.

She doesn’t mind.

Tanner is damaged, broken and for the first time in a year, feels like he can love again. Aubrey Depp is the one he wants, and he won’t stop until he gets her.

With danger lurking in every corner, Tanner vows to protect Aubrey. Showing her it’s okay to take that Stroke of Fear.

Cover By: Lindee Robinson Photography



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Heat is scorching my stomach, my thighs. Pressing my lips together, I glance over at him.

“And now? What do you want to do now?”

A dangerous smile crawls up his face. The look in his eyes makes me hum in all the right places.

“I want to devour you.”

Warmth spreads from my belly to set fire to my thighs. I need him now. I need something to put this fire out. Him.

“Then why don’t you do it?” I whisper out, my voice soft.

A growl rips from his throat, and he closes the distance.

Ten rough, calloused fingers grip into my hair at the back of my neck, forcing my face up toward his. Gray eyes are staring down at me.

“You are the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on. You know that?” he whispers.

“I’ve wished I could do this since I pulled you out of the water. You were all wet. Your clothes clinging to every curve,” he whisper against my mouth.

I’m too turned on to talk.

I smile up at him and beg him to kiss me with my eyes. He must see the plea and closes the distance. His lips are soft, hard but dangerously delicious.

He feels perfect on top of me … the kiss so perfectly right.

Tanner’s mouth opens, driving me to do the same.

Our tongues meet and every place where he is touching me triples in heat. His tongue gives wicked strokes against my lips, and the inside of my mouth. I hiss in to keep myself from undoing, to keep myself in the present.

His calloused hand runs underneath my shirt, cupping my ribs. It adds fuel to my fire.

Our fire. I feel like I’m losing control, I want him so badly I’m burning everywhere. Aching.

Just as I’m thinking I’ve went over the edge, I can’t come back from this, he pulls back.

His parted lips slowly turn up into a dangerously seductive smile.

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Hopefully Sometime SOON, this book will be available on other versions..Keep your fingers crossed!!


I go by Alla Kar. I live in the deep south. I live with my husband and feisty Chihuahua. I love to read, write and watch YouTube.

 I love to bring Alpha Males, Southern Gentlemen and sometimes Paranormal characters to life.

My titles are below:

Ranch Hand

Covert Ops: Shifting Pleasures

Make Me Yours (Forever #1)

You Are Mine (Forever #2)

Teach Me (Love Me #1)

Forever Yours (Forever #3) Coming Dec 2013.

Contact her at :




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